As it was in Windsor... not running anymore, but for posterity.
Sunday Afternoon Song Circle

2nd Sunday of the month, from 3.30pm

In Robin's private venue. Email for details.

A song circle is one of the oldest, traditional forms of do-it-yourself entertainment.

A group of people sit round in a circle, which doesn't have to be a circle, and entertain each other with music and songs, which don't have to be music or songs.

Poetry, stories, jokes, juggling, mime, dance and, yes, music and songs, are all included. Everybody gets a chance to join in, play their instrument, sing their song, recite their own poems, get everyone involved in a sing-along, or if you like, just sit quietly enjoying the ambience.

 The afternoon will be hosted by two left-handed guitar player, Robin "Bobbin" Devany who'll attempt to maintain some form of order, sing some songs, and play guitar to accompany (if possible) any requested song. While someone is performing, we ask that the audience simply listen quietly, join in, or heckle; but if you want to chat, there is a lovely bar downstairs which is ideal for that. 

Original material is not required, but it is welcome.

The only rule is that there is no amplification. This means no microphones, loud speakers, electric guitars, recorded tapes etc.

This means it’s great for amateurs, wannabies starting-out, seasoned professionals trying out new material, or even your granny, who just wants to sing those old sex pistol punk songs again.

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